The Turkish Citizenship by Investment program was established in 2016, however recent modifications to investment levels have made this program far more attractive to investors. Turkey lies between the Middle East and Europe and therefore is a place of mass appeal due to influences from both the East and West. It is one of the more affordable citizenship programs and is even more attractive due to its opportunity to invest in the real estate market.

Your Turkish passport will allow you access to free education and healthcare

Freedom to travel visa free to 111 countries worldwide including Singapore, Japan and major countries in South America and Africa

No inheritance tax in Turkey

No need to report your wordwide income

An affordable program with a solid opportunity for investment

Turkish Citizenship by Investment Program

Recent updates to the Turkey citizenship by investment program have made it far more affordable to obtain Turkish citizenship for investors. An investment into real estate of $250,000 US or depositing $500,000 in your own bank account in Turkey will enable you and your family to obtain Turkish citizenship in as little as 3 months. Property price is determined by the valuation undertaken by The Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation rather than the actual purchase price.

The Turkish passport allows visa free travel to 111 countries including Singapore, Japan, South Korea as well as other main countries in Africa, Asia and South America

Terranova Global, with its Turkish legal team and offices in Istanbul, Dubai, Malta and London will assist in all manners related to gaining citizenship which include advisory, financial, property and legal services.

Applicants will receive citizenship and a passport after approximately 3 months. This program allows the main applicant to include their spouse as well as children under the age of 18. There may be a requirement to travel to Turkey for an interview by Government officials as part of this process.


Turkey Real Estate Purchase

Under the Turkish Citizenship by investment program, purchasing a property valued at $250,00 or more is required. The price remains the same whether you are applying as a single applicant or as a family. The property can be sold after three years.

Bank Account

The second option is to open a bank account under your name in Turkey and deposit $500,000. This balance has to be maintained for a minimum of 3 years.

Turkish Citizenship Antalya Investment


  • The Turkish Government allows for dual citizenship so there is no need to revoke current nationality
  • Most nationalities are eligible for this program
  • Citizenship can be received in as little as 6 months


  • Spouse and children up to 18 years old can be included in the application
  • Your Turkish passport will allow you access to free education and healthcare
  • Ability to live in an economically affordable country


  • Freedom to travel visa free to 111 countries worldwide including Singapore, Japan and major countries in South America and Africa
  • The Turkish passport is well respected and makes applying for visas straight forward
  • Countries are continuing to add Turkey to their visa free list


  • The Turkish Government do not require you to declare international earnings or pay tax on international income
  • An affordable program with a solid opportunity for investment
  • No inheritance tax in Turkey


1st Month

  • Upon signing of the Terranova Global Contract, the application process will begin
  • An initial due diligence check will be run on the individual to highlight any potential issues with the application
  • Agency fees to be paid
  • A clear document list will be provided to the applicant for them to collect
  • The applicant will finalize the decision on the property to be purchased with the support of Terranova Global. Title Deed of the property will be obtained once purchased.
  • Or alternatively a bank account is opened and $500,000 is deposited
  • Terranova Global will check all documents including title deed, and these will be submitted together
  • There may be a requirement for the main applicant to be interviewed by Government officials in Turkey.

2nd Month 

  • Residence permits issued

3rd Month   

  • Citizenship granted, and passports issued

*Time estimates may vary

Turkish Passport with Investment

Access a visa-free world. Start your new life in Turkey today.


Turkey is a large country, stretching over 1000 miles wide and 400 miles long and is bordered with Greece and Bulgaria to the West, Georgia, Iran and Armenia to the West and Syria and Iraq to the South. Being such a large country, Turkey has a vast and varied topography. It is surrounded by 3 seas, The Black sea, Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean so is spoilt with coastline. Turkey is largely mountainous with ranges extending from east to west and is blessed with a continental climate due to the large land mass although conditions can vary across the country impacted by location and this in turn impacts flora and fauna meaning Turkey offers a wide and varied scenic experience depending on what part you visit.

Turkey has a rich and deep history however referring to modern Turkey – this was founded after WWI in 1923 and the new capital Ankara was proclaimed. Istanbul is however the major city in Turkey with a population of over 15 million people. It is known as the cultural capital of Turkey with over 7 million tourists descending on the city each year to see the world-famous mosques, palaces, museums international shopping destinations and the world’s first shopping mall – The Grand Bazar.

Turkey has the worlds 17th largest GDP and is one of the world’s biggest providers of textiles, agricultural equipment, consumer goods and appliances as well as cars and transportation equipment and it offers an array of opportunity for potential investors and residents. It is a Muslim country, with nearly 98% of the country identifying as Islam, therefore making it a highly sought after location for GCC residents and beyond who identify with this religion.


How do I apply for the Turkey Citizenship through investment programme?

The Turkish passport can be obtained through an investment into Real Estate starting at $250,000 regardless as to whether a single applicant or family are applying. Or alternatively $500,000 can be deposited in investment account for 3 years.

How much does Turkish Citizenship Cost?

The cost of Turkish citizenship is as little as $250,000 investment into real estate in Turkey.

Am I eligible to apply for Turkish Citizenship?

This Citizenship program is open to most nationalities, and as long as you have a clean background and the funds for the investment you can apply.

What are the Turkish citizenship benefits?

With a Turkish passport you can travel to over 110 countries visa free including key countries in Asia such as Singapore and Japan as well as all major countries in South America and Africa

Does Turkish Citizenship extend to my family?

Yes, you can include a spouse and children under the age of 18.

Are there any other fees I need to pay?

There are fees for obtaining deeds which work out at about 3%, as well as legal fees

How much does it cost for a Turkey Passport?

The cost of the passport is approximately $300 US

What countries can I travel to visa free with and Turkish Citizenship?

With your Turkey passport, you and your family can travel to 111 different countries visa free.

How do I apply for Turkey Citizenship by investment?

You will need legal representation to assist you in the process, Terranova Global will organize everything from managing your application, finalizing house purchase and providing you with your residency and citizenship.

How long will it take to get a Turkish passport?

It should take approximately 3 months

How long do I have to hold on to my real estate investment for?

You must hold on to this for a minimum of 3 years.

Are there any restrictions on what real estate options I can buy?

No – you can buy any property residential or commercial providing it is valued at over $250,000