Start your new life as a citizen of St. Lucia through this citizenship by investment program.

Fast track processing within 3 months

Visa free travel to 121 countries including the EU and U.K

No requirement to visit St. Lucia during visa the process

Access to a low tax regime

St. Lucia Citizenship by Investment Program

In today’s world, individuals are looking to expand their horizons to live, work, and travel across the world. However, with strict immigration laws and a restrictive geo-political climate, it is becoming increasingly difficult to access global opportunities.

For high net worth individuals, a second citizenship is a simplified way to live, work, and invest abroad.

At Terranova global, we offer you a convenient and hassle free route to a more open world of opportunities; the St. Lucia Citizenship by investment program.

The St. Lucia Citizenship by investment program grants citizenship to the individuals, and the families of the individuals, who contribute to the economic development of St. Lucia through either qualified investments or strategic donations.

To participate in The St. Lucia Citizenship by Investment Program

You will need to either invest USD 300.000 in the country or make a donation of USD $100.000 to the St. Lucia government.

St. Lucia’s offers a simplified citizenship program which allows you the flexibility to:

  • Include your spouse, children up to 25 years of age and dependent parents above the age of 65 in the application.
  • Fast track your application process to obtain citizenship within 3 months.
  • Have no requirement to travel to St. Lucia during the application process.

Once your application has been processed, you will have all the rights of St. Lucia citizens including a low tax regime and visa free travel to 121 countries including the EU Schengen countries, Hong Kong and the United Kingdom.

Island paradise, tax haven

St. Lucia is a stunning 238 kilometer island in the Caribbean that is blessed with a diversity of landscapes, from pristine beaches, lush rainforest, awe-inspiring mountain scenery, and UNESCO World Heritage Status.

A tourists paradise, St. Lucia offers residents all this as well as economically and socially stable country which is part of the Commonwealth with democracy based on British parliamentary system.

Whether you choose to live in an urban or major population center or closer to the tranquil countryside to enjoy green living, you will be living in an area with a low crime rate, access to modern facilities, services and infrastructure, world class restaurants and hotels and prime real estate.

In addition to the fast growing economy and lucrative investment opportunities, St. Lucia levies no estate or inheritance tax, and no tax on worldwide income, which makes this idyllic island an ideal destination for foreign investors.

Your new life in idyllic St. Lucia is just 3 months away. Start today.

On the ground expertise

At Terranova, we offer dedicated advisory services to understand your unique needs, and to deliver them effectively.

Our on the ground network includes international business consultants, lawyers, investment bankers and accountants to provide each investor professional and expert advice.

Comprehensive regulatory support

Terranova Global will handle due diligence, assist you with regulatory requirements and guide you through the required documents and applications. We will also handle all process and procedures related to purchasing.

Dedicated investment advisory

We will work closely with you and our network of developers and agencies to offer a comprehensive list of the best investment opportunities.

Our comprehensive analysis is tailored to your specific requirements, and include feasibility studies, area overviews, and site location analysis.

3 months to your St. Lucia citizenship

You will submit your application along with required documents and proof of investment, You will also need to pay Due diligence fee and 10% of government application fee.

Once approved, you will complete the investment, after which Citizenship will typically be granted within 3 months.