Become a citizen of Cyprus and the European Union through secure, property backed investments.

Our team of dedicated advisors will support you throughout the process, on the ground, and every step of the way.

Citizenship of Cyprus and the EU

Visa-free travel to over 150 countries and territories

Fast-track procedure to EU Citizenship in 3 months

No tax on capital or income generated outside of the country

Cyprus Citizenship Program

The world we live in today is a globalized place, with increasing opportunities to live, work, study, and invest abroad.

However, strict immigration laws and bureaucratic complexities often prevent individuals from pursuing their preferred opportunities in the country of their choice.

At Terranova Global, we offer you a simple and hassle-free way of accessing EU citizenship and enjoying residency benefits across 28 countries:The Cyprus Citizenship by investment program.

The Program is a simplified way of granting citizenship to the individuals, and the families of those individuals, who positively contribute to the economic development of Cyprus through secure real estate investments.

The Investment Citizenship Program is designed to fast track the citizenship procedure, minimize time and bureaucratic complexities, allowing you to become an EU citizen in as few as 3 months. .


You will be required to make a real estate investment of EUR 2 million.

Dependent children under the age of 28 can also be included in the application and qualify for citizenship on the basis of their parents’ applications.

European citizenship for you and your family

While a select number of European nations enable citizenship by investment programs, none allow you to do it as quickly as Cyprus. By participating in the Cyprus Individual Investor program, you will be granted citizenship of Cyprus in as little as 3 months.

Not only will you be the citizen of a well respected country of the European Union (EU), you will also automatically be a citizen of the EU and enjoy all the benefits available to EU nationals.

These include:

  • Opportunity to study in schools or universities across the EU at free or discounted rates exclusive for EU nationals
  • Visa-free travel to more than 150 countries and territories, including the United States, Canada, the entire EU, and the Schengen Area
  • Unrestricted right to live, work, and access state of the art healthcare in any of 28 EU member states, and Switzerland
  • The opportunity to trade freely across all 28 EU countries and access a market of over 500 million people

Classified by the World Bank as high-income economy, Cyprus boasts a strong financial services sector and serves as a business hub offering a corporate tax rate that is one of the lowest in the world.

The country is also home to a robust energy industry, located at the crossroads of major international energy routes, and surrounded by substantial oil and gas resources. A significant portion of these resources fall within the Cyprus Exclusive Economic Zone.

The Cypriot population is highly educated, and enjoys access to a highly developed infrastructure including excellent healthcare and education.

While the official languages of Cyprus are Greek and Turkish, English is widely spoken and written and is the language of international business. With it’s rich historical and cultural heritage, low crime rate, and warm Mediterranean climate, Cyprus is a popular tourist destination that as a citizen, you’ll enjoy all year round.

Your global citizenship is just a step away. Start a better life today.

At Terranova Global

We offer dedicated advisory services to understand your unique needs, and the expertise and reach to deliver them effectively.

Global expertise, local knowledge

Our global reach includes partnerships with major real estate developers and agencies in Cyprus. Our on the ground support that means we harness the best network of professional services and local partners to cater to your needs.

Comprehensive regulatory support

Terranova Global will handle due diligence, assist you with regulatory requirements and guide you through the required documents and applications. We will also handle all process and procedures related to purchasing.

The most lucrative investment opportunities

We will work closely with you and our network of developers and agencies to offer a comprehensive list of the best investment opportunities.

Our comprehensive analysis is tailored to your specific requirements, and include feasibility studies, area overviews, and site location analysis.

6 months to your Cypriot citizenship

The entire process of Cyprus citizenship by investment will take approximately 6 months, from the time you apply for naturalization, to the delivery of your Cypriot passport.

Month 1:

  • We provide property research and feasibility studies
  • You select a property, on which we will run due diligence
  • Once property is finalized, you will sign your reservation agreement and Naturalization application
  • We will prepare all documents, sign the sale agreement and officially submit it at the land registry and pay the purchase price.
  • We compile and submit the naturalization application, after which you will visit Cyprus to apply for a PR permit

Month 3:

  • Examination and approval of naturalization Application will be completed

Month 6:

  • 6 months have elapsed from the date of obtaining the Immigration Permit.
  • You visit Cyprus to swear the oath of allegiance and formally complete citizenship procedure
  • Your new Cypriot passports and IDs will be delivered