Access Bulgarian residency and lucrative investment opportunity through fully guaranteed government bonds.

Start your new life in Europe in less than 9 months.

European residency in 6 – 9 months

European citizenship in 5 years

Fast-track option for citizenship in 2 years

Conditional tax exemption on world income

Advantages of an EU residency. All the rights of a Bulgarian citizen

The world today is one in which political and social tension are becoming more widespread, cost of living and housing prices are rising, and economic instability is an ever-present concern.

In this global climate, the value of European residency has never been more apparent, and an increasing number of high net worth individuals are considering a permanent move to Europe.

However, trict immigration laws and miles of red tape can often make it difficult to navigate bureaucratic complexities hinder the way to citizenship. At Terranova Global, we offer you a simple and hassle-free residency option: The Bulgarian Immigrant Investor Program (BGIIP).

The Program is a simplified way of granting permanent residency to the individuals, and the families of those individuals, who positively contribute to the economic development of Bulgaria through substantial financial investments in Government Bonds.

The program successfully allows high net worth individuals and their families to obtain Bulgarian permanent residence status with all the advantages of a European Union permanent residence and all the rights of a Bulgarian citizen, except the right to vote.

Furthermore, the main applicant and his or her family members are granted physical exemption during the 5-year residency period.

With the increasingly unstable geopolitical climate globally, an increasing number of individuals are seeking European citizenship as a way to access a stable political, economic, and social climate.

However, increasingly strict immigration laws and long procedures often hinder the way to opportunities in Europe. At Terranova Global, we offer you a simple and red-tape free European residency option: The Malta residency by investment program

The program is a fast and efficient way for foreign investors from non-EU countries to obtain a valid European residence permit. In addition to allowing the investor and their family to live in Malta, the permit also allows visa free travel to all Schengen Area countries including Switzerland.


You will be required to make an investment of BGN 1 million (€511,292) in a Governmental Bond Portfolio for a period of five years. The investment is fully guaranteed by the government bonds

In addition, you will also be required to make the minimum statutory trips to Bulgaria.

Fast track to EU citizenship

With the Bulgarian Immigrant Investor program, these are just a few of the benefits you will have access to:

  • Residency within six to nine months, citizenship within 5 years
  • No minimum language requirements.
  • Access to high-quality health care in Bulgaria and the EU
  • Conditional tax exemption on world income.

Should you wish to fast track your way to citizenship, you will have the option of doubling your investment to obtain citizenship in only 3 years. A fast-track option for citizenship within two years is also available.

Dependents of the applicant can apply to residence permit after the applicant get the residence permit. Children may apply to nationality after the applicant parent acquire citizenship.

Bulgaria is a country that is no stranger to welcoming foreigners. All major towns and cities in the countries have a sizeable ex-pat community, which is only set to increase dramatically as an increasing number of HNWIs considering a permanent move to Bulgaria.

The benefits of a Bulgarian life include the climate, the beaches, the mountains and the beautiful countryside, the relaxed lifestyle, friendly neighbours and family values.

Additionally, the low prices, the stable economy and increasing employment opportunities are amongst the key reasons individuals choose Bulgaria as their country of choice for relocation.

With rich and diverse culture, temperate climate and ideal location in Southeast Europe, Bulgaria is the ideal gateway into a free market European economy, a stable political parliamentary democracy, and all the benefits of European infrastructure and access.

Fast track your way to EU citizenship. Contact us today.

On the ground expertise

At Terranova, we offer dedicated advisory services to understand your unique needs, and to deliver them effectively.

Our on the ground network includes international business consultants, lawyers, investment bankers and accountants to provide each investor professional and expert advice.

Comprehensive regulatory support

Terranova Global will handle due diligence, assist you with regulatory requirements and guide you through the required documents and applications. We will also handle all process and procedures related to purchasing.

Dedicated investment advisory

We will work closely with you and our network of developers and agencies to offer a comprehensive list of the best investment opportunities.

Our comprehensive analysis is tailored to your specific requirements, and include feasibility studies, area overviews, and site location analysis.


  • We will apply for pre-approval to ensure fast processing.
  • You will then make an appointment at a Bulgarian Consulate for document signing.
  • Once the document is signed, you will complete the transfer of capital

Schengen Visa:

  • After the Investment Certificate is issued, second appointment is made at a Bulgarian Consulate for the application of Schengen Visa, type D (long stay visa)
  • Once the Schengen Visa, type D is granted, the applicant makes the first trip to Bulgaria for the submission of Application for Permanent Residence

Permanent residence

Once the Permanent residence is approved, you will be required to make a second trip to Bulgaria to submit the Application for Bulgarian PR card in person.

  • 3 days after the application is submitted, you will receive the receipt of Bulgarian PR Card
  • Once the main applicant is issued the Bulgarian ID document, the procedure for qualifying family members may begin.
  • This process may take up to six months, and will include two mandatory trips to Bulgaria for each qualifying family member for the document signing appointment at a Bulgarian Consulate.


  • The passport and Citizenship certificates are issued to investor via courier once the balance of professional fees has been paid and settled